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“I sold my car the same day I made the decision to sell it. I was hesitant at first, but made the process so simple.”

Gaby P. Houston, TX

How it works

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We’ll use your VIN or license plate number to determine your vehicle’s make, model and features.

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We’ll evaluate your car remotely and provide you with an instant offer that’s valid for 7 days or 200 miles.

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Drop off your car in the areas surrounding zapf Houston
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and we'll quickly inspect it and hand you a guaranteed bank check.


Selling your car shouldn’t suck.

We wanted a simple, safe, straightforward way to buy your car. So we created it. No dealers haggling with you or pressuring you to buy a new car. No online marketplace weirdos showing up at your door.

Your time is money. So is your car.

With, it’s fast and easy to submit your auto info. We use proprietary technology to communicate with you instantly and real-time pricing analytics to ensure you get the best value for your vehicle.

We understand the local marketplace.

Based in Texas, we understand the local marketplace and its pricing. We take great care of our customers because they’re our community members.

We’re auto-retailing experts.

We have over 50 years of combined automotive-retail and customer-service experience. Not only do we know how to value vehicles, but we understand what their owners value, too: the best price and a convenient, transparent process.

About Us

About Us is an automotive-retail and technology service provider on a mission to make it simple and straightforward for our customers to sell their cars. We use proprietary technology to communicate with our customers instantly and real-time pricing analytics to ensure they get the best value for their vehicle.


Nothing but praising things about BYC! Y'all picked up my 2020 Tesla model 3 late this afternoon, inspected the car, did my paperwork, and handed me a sizable equity check, all in a reasonable time, and all on my frond porch. I'm extremely happy that BYC came to me, on my time, and completed the deal. O will tell all my family and friends about BYC.

Mr. Patur, Frisco, TX

Mr. Lau decided to sell both cars, a 2022 Ford Maverick and a 2015 VW GT, to buy your car because according to Mr. Lau, Curtis was not pushy, gave the best bids on both cars, and made him feel like we ‘wanted his business’. Mr. Lau said he would highly recommends BYC to his family and friends!

Mr. Lau

Mr. and Mrs. Verdejo

Mr. and Mrs. Verdejo decided the time was now to sell their Chrysler 200 that was sitting in their driveway. They submitted their information and walked away with a check at our Houston location in the same day!

Mr. Jones, Galveston, TX

Mr. Jones, busy man who works from home was looking to sell his Camaro. Thomas here (in blue) know how important it is for us to be convenient to our customers, so he drove to Galveston, TX picked up the Camaro and paid Mr. Jones

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. Jon and I both personally want to thank you for all that you did to assist us in selling my Jeep Renegade. I sure miss her a lot but it was a move that we needed to make. You made it an extremely easy process and we wanted you to know how much John and I appreciate you! Thank you and God bless you, kind sir!

June Geinman - Stephson & Dr. John Stephenson

Karl & Curtis traveled today to meet us (at BUC-EE's) to pick up and purchase our 2021 VW Tiguan. We're very busy people and were extremely happy that Buy You Car would come out to us to handle this transaction. The process was very easy and we will highly recommend BYC to our family and friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Doyle


How does work?

Once you submit your vehicle information through the portal, you’ll receive an offer from a specialist through SMS, email or by phone. Your offer is valid for 7 days or 200 miles. If you choose to accept the offer, you can drop off of your vehicle at our North Houston location. Once we perform a quick live inspection, we’ll hand you a guaranteed bank check.

Why do I need to submit photos? specialists use your submitted photos to verify the condition and details of your vehicle. This enables us to accurately evaluate your vehicle online and pay what we say.

How do you determine my vehicle’s value?

We use the industry standard valuation program, Kelley Blue Book, to determine your vehicle’s value based on:

- Your License plate

- Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

- Make, Model and year

- Vehicle condition

- Supply and demand for similar vehicle in your area

What if I still owe money on my car loan?

Our title clerks and office staff will pay off your loan directly or assist you in managing the payoff with your lender.

Where do I drop off my vehicle?

Our vehicle drop-off location is at 16210 North Fwy, Houston, TX.

How do I get paid? customers who drop off their vehicle at our North Houston location will receive a guaranteed bank check in hand following a quick live inspection.

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